My October Faves!

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog. First of all, I just want to apologise for not posting in over a week! I’m not one to make excuses but I really have been very busy lately.

This post is going to feature all of my favourite products from October (and some non-products too, if you get me?!)


First of all, I have a pair of shoes, well, not just a pair of shoes- probably the NICEST I’ve seen since pink suede Vans.  These are trainers from Missguided and they look insanely similar to the Gucci ones! I absolutely love the detailing on the sides of the shoes as I think it makes them look so expensive! The best part about these trainers is that they were £18!!! Missguided also do the cheapest delivery I’ve ever seen a clothing company do, which is just a bonus!


Moving on to my second favourite item of the month, I was contacted by Ooharruk and they very kindly sent me over one of their face masks. I chose the cream one as it looked different to the usual sheet masks or clay masks that I usually use. I was VERY surprised by this product as it was so much better than I expected and left my skin feeling the softest it’s felt in a long time! I would definitely recommend this brand and for the cheap prices (£1+) you just can’t go wrong!


DSC_0665.JPGMy next favourite isn’t a product but a day, Halloween! I absolutely loved Halloween this year as I spent it at my Boyfriend’s house. We started the day by having a photo shoot which mainly included the decorations that were all over the outside of his house! Later on, we took his four year old brother trick-or-treating and it was really cute but made me want to be little again!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and I can promise I’ll be back to uploading on a normal schedule now!

Amy x


Meet My Dog!



This is a very different post to what I usually do, but I just couldn’t resist! Back in August, me and my family went on several trips to our local Dogs Trust in the hope of finding a young dog who could become the perfect addition to our small trio. After multiple visits, we just weren’t having any luck. The dogs we liked either couldn’t live with children or they were too big and would be able to jump over our gate too easily. We really started to think that we would never find one that was right for us.

Then, one day, everything changed. We spotted a cute, mid-sized, golden dog with shiny brown eyes who got so excited when she was taken for a test walk with us. She was quite crazy, very crazy, actually. She was jumping all over us as we took her across a field. At first I wasn’t quite sure if she was going to be too much for us to handle, but that thought immediately vanished once she had settled down.



Two days later, we had a home check, which was a success. The day after that, we went to collect our new family member, Lexi. It took her a few days to settle in properly, get used to the sounds of the trains that go by our house and realise that she cannot try to eat everything in her vision (we’re still working on that one).



It’s now almost three months later and I couldn’t be happier. She is the craziest yet most loving Lurcher ever. We often watch films together or play with her toys, and lets not forget the thousands of cuddles. She has also had a positive impact on my mental health, whenever I feel anxious I always seem to feel better when I’m with her.


I hope you enjoyed this post and the thousands of photos that came within it, if you have a dog, be sure to tag me in some photos on my Twitter (@blogsbyamy_)

Amy x


All About Self-Care


Hi everyone, so, as you probably know by now (by my constant spamming on Twitter, oops..) I’ve actually started making self care packages. If you’re wondering what these are, they’re packages that contain items such as: candles/wax melts, tea, sweets, face masks, positive quotes, skincare samples etc. They come in three different sizes at the moment- small (£6), large (£12) and a make up package which is also large but includes more expensive products (£15).

I first had the idea of creating these when I realised just how much I love having time to myself on a night, chilling, with a face mask on and a cup of tea in my hand. It was only then that I realised just how important self-care is and that everyone needs to have some time alone to look after themselves.


Since having that thought, I now have a set time every night where I decide to try out some new skin care samples, have a cup of tea, put a face mask on and chill. Since doing this, I have become much less stressed and have had much more of a positive mindset. Therefore, the idea of my self-care packages is to help other people to give themselves a bit more love too.

I decided to ask three of my Blogger friends what their opinions are on self-care, if they thought it’s important and what they thought of my self-care packages:

Ellie (@thediaryofellie on Twitter) said:

“Self-care is so important for us mentally and physically. I know that in the past I have neglected my self-care and I know that if i hadn’t of done that, I would’ve been able to get through tough times. It’s vital for us to take time for ourselves whether that’s having a pamper night, meditation, going for a walk or just having a good nights sleep – they’re all going to help us whether that’s physical for our body or having a positive effect on our mental health. I think that your self-care packages are such a thoughtful idea as you’re organising them, sending them, all we have to do is wait for them and I think they will really help people who need it!” Be sure to follow her blog here-

Josh (@_joshsmithy_ on Twitter) said:

“I think self-care is important because it really helps us prepare for things that we often stress about such as interviews, exams etc. Doing these self-care packages is such a good idea as it gives people who are stressed out a chance to relax and feel more positive about everything and I believe that overall it will definitely help everyone that buys from you.” Make sure you go follow his blog here-

Bella (@YoungWomanB on Twitter) said:

“It’s took me a long time to learn that self-care is a ‘thing’. I never really understood what it meant or the importance of it until I was about 19. I am still, even now, learning more each day about what it means to self-care. There are no rules to it. Anyone can (and should) practice self-care. For me it sometimes means taking time out to relax and other times it means running some errands or doing some chores. Self-care can be  anything you want it to be, as long as it is an act that you have self-initiated to better your own personal well being.” Keep an eye out for her new blog coming soon!

Thanks for reading! If you want a self-care package, message me on Twitter – @blogsbyamy_

Amy x

Photography: Brandon Woelfel Inspired



Hi everyone! So, I’ve been so so excited to write this post after how well my photos turned out for it! The other day I thought I’d take on a new Photography project on the theme of ‘bokeh’. This meant setting up some fairy lights in the background and finding an item to set up in front of them for the camera to focus on. The background then becomes blurry in circular shapes, known as bokeh.


I’ve always loved taking photos that involved a LOT of colour as I think they look so much more appealing than your average everyday photo. Therefore, I take a lot of inspiration from the Photographer Brandon Woelfel. I’m sure you all know who he is, and if not, why not!? Go search him up on Instagram, I guarantee his work will mesmerise you!

I started off by taking a simple object that I already had in my room, a glass jar. I removed the lid as I wanted it to look like the bokeh was coming out of the jar, and it worked, kind of!


I then did the same thing with a few other items, including a light bulb. I absolutely LOVE how these photos turned out and cannot believe I achieved these results in my own bedroom with no fancy lighting set up or too expensive camera. This project has really shown me that you CAN do anything you want to, you just need to have the right mind set and some amazing inspiration.



After taking all of the photos, I edited them on an app called ‘ColorStory’ before turning the warmth right down on Instagram. This made the photos appear more blue, which I love.

All of these photos will be featured on my Photography Instagram (@photographybyamyc) so if you enjoyed this post then be sure to go check them out!

Amy x

My Boyfriend Blogs?


Hi everyone, Amy said that I should have a go at writing a post so here I am, writing a post, taking ten times longer than she does. I don’t really know how to start this but my name is Josh and I am Amy’s boyfriend. In this post I will be telling you some things about me and my life.

I live in West Yorkshire and I am currently at in College. At College I have decided to study Business, Law and Sociology A-Levels which I am really enjoying at the moment as they are three very interesting subjects that I would love to continue with as a job one day.


Something that I have a real interest in is clothing and fashion as I love to look and feel the best I can. Some of my favourite brands are Adidas, Nimes Ltd (as shown above, which is a very under-rated brand) and Champion. I would love to possibly create my own clothing line one day as it is something that I really like the idea of doing, also i believe it would be a fun yet challenging job to do.

I know this may only be short but thank you so much for reading my post and I hope that you enjoyed it! If you think I should start my own Men’s fashion blog, please comment below 🙂

Josh x




My Autumn Night Routine


Welcome back to my blog! Today’s post is a collab with the amazing Tracy (@MissTsTwittter) on Twitter and you can read her post here- 

The first step in my Autumn night routine is I get home from wherever I’ve been that day. I’m always greeted by my dog Lexi (who you’ve probably seen a million times on my Twitter) and I sit and play with her for a little while.

After countless cuddles I head upstairs to my room where I begin to take my make up off. In Autumn, I try to make my nights as cosy as possible, so I usually put a face mask on, run a bubble bath and put some music on to chill out. After about half an hour, I’ll decide to finally get out and go find the comfiest pyjamas I can (and obviously my dressing gown too!).

I then turn on all of my fairy lights and light some candles to make my room as cosy as possible. This is then the time that I usually FaceTime my boyfriend or scroll down my social medias for a while, which can often last for multiple hours as I’m sadly very addicted to my phone- but I’m sure many of you can relate!


After that, I will head downstairs to make a hot chocolate which I always add cream and marshmallows to (and take way too many photos of). But if you don’t take a photo of your hot chocolate, did you really have one?!

Lately I’ve been loving watching films on a night at around 7-9pm. As it’s Autumn I LOVE watching Hocus Pocus aka the best Halloween film ever made! If you haven’t seen it, I definitely recommend you watch it!

Once the film has finished I tend to just watch a couple of YouTube videos or read some blog posts before I go to sleep. My favourite YouTuber to watch is Anastasia (Floral Princess) as well as others such as Jordan Lipscombe.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and I’d love if you could comment below some of the things that you do on an Autumn night!

Amy x

My Everyday Make-Up Routine


I’m definitely not one of those people who wear every single one of their make up products everyday of the week, in fact, some days I wear none at all! However, sadly I cannot stay in bed in my pj’s watching films everyday (no matter how much I want to) so there are days where I have a bag of minimal make up that I always go to. Read on to find out what products I use for a natural everyday look! This post is also a collaboration with Ellie, go check out her post at

First of all is foundation. Now, I’ve never ever had a favourite foundation which is very weird I know. I tend to just try lots of different ones and if I like it then I’ll use it until it runs out and then change to something different. For example, the foundation in the photo above is not the one that’s currently in my make up bag! I’m currently using the Bare Minerals one which is quite oily but somehow makes my skin look so much healthier?! I’m loving it. I simply take this on a beauty blender and blend it all around my face and onto my neck (and usually all over my top too).

Then I’ll do my brows and of course I use the one and only Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow pomade in the shade medium brown. I take this lightly on an angled eyebrow brush and fill in the ends first as I have them slightly darker than the front as I like them to have a faded effect. I will then take whatever is left on the brush to very gently go over the front hairs. Sometimes I conceal my brows too but that’s only if I have the time!

I feel like my face is very very round, so I always contour / bronze up using Benefit’s Hoola bronzer. This makes my face look so much slimmer and adds a natural bronze too. I also find that this is very easy to blend- which saves so much time!

I’ll then add a few coats of mascara to my lashes. I’ve recently been loving Bare Minerals’ lash domination mascara- how pretty is that packaging?!

Finally, to finish off my natural look, I’ll add a nude or pink-nude lipstick to my lips to make them stand out just a little bit more. My favourite lipstick to do this is the NYX matte lip cream in the colour Stockholm- it’s such a gorgeous colour!

I really hope you enjoyed this post!

Amy x