Huda Beauty Mauve Obsessions Palette Review


After hearing SO many positive things about the brand ‘Huda Beauty’, I decided to put one of their new mini eyeshadow palettes on my Christmas wishlist last year-and I’m so grateful I received it. As soon as this palette was revealed I knew I had to have it, the colours were SO me!

This nine-shade eyeshadow palette contains three stunning metallic shades- rose gold, a light pink and a darker pink. It also then has 6 matte shades ranging from a pure white to a deep brown. The colours included all compliment each other and you could definitely create tonnes of different looks.

As for formula, I think these shadows are SO creamy. Personally, I love this as it makes blending so much easier (nobody wants their hands to be aching all day, right?!). The only thing I will say is that you’re definitely better off applying the metallic shades with your fingers as for me a brush and even a wet brush didn’t seem to do the shades justice.

Finally, lets talk about the price. Now, £25 for an eyeshadow palette is usually not too bad in my eyes, however, my opinion is very different this time. When I opened this gift on Christmas, the first thing my Mum said is “I can’t believe how small it is for how much I paid for it!”- that’s right, it’s tiny and by tiny I mean even smaller than my hand. Luckily, the pans are quite big so I’m hoping they will take a while to use up- I’ll keep you updated on that one!

Overall, I love this palette, even if the price isn’t as stunning as the shades!

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Amy x


My Goals For 2018

IMG_E1324[1]So, I’m FINALLY back to blogging after what,genuinely, feels like forever! My mental health has definitely not been it’s best since December but I’m slowly improving and getting back into a normal routine again.

This post is going to be all about the things I want to improve on this year and there’s a lot because it’s fair to say 2017 just was not for me.

The main thing I want to make better this year is my anxiety. I wont go too into detail but I really want to just push myself to do things I’d usually say no to because as cliche as it sounds- you do only get one life. I think travelling to places far away from my home would really help with this as it would get me out of my comfort zone but give me some amazing experiences at the same time.

The next thing I want to dramatically improve on is my diet. I’m definitely not your ‘typical’ Blogger who eats avocado and all-things-green on a day-to-day basis. I don’t want to diet as in not eat, but I’d like to start to eat a lot healthier and hopefully that will also help me to feel better about myself.

Next, I have a hobby that I’d love to get better at- Photography. As you may know if you have read my other posts, I LOVE taking photos of everything and anything. But I don’t really know much when it comes to the technical side of Photography, so it’s something I’m interested to know more on.

Another hobby I want to get more into is reading. Whether it be reading more blogs, magazines or actual books- I always find it makes me feel so calm and stress-free. This could also help my anxiety so it’s sort of a win-win situation!

Moving on to the more ‘artsy’ topics- I REALLY want to find more music that I’d be into. I always listen to the same songs by the same people and lets just say its getting a bit boring now. I’m just hoping 2018 brings some tunes!

The final goal I have for this year is to be successful. Me and one of my Blogger friends Alex (@alexandraageorgiaa on Instagram) have created our own shop based on self-care, positivity and all-things-blogger! We’ve worked really hard on it so far so for it to do well would mean so much to both of us! You can find our shop details here:

Shop Name: Amy And Alex

Shop Link:

Instagram Name: @amyalexshop

Twitter Name: @amyalexshop

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Amy x


What I Got For Christmas 2017

Hi everyone! I hope you all had the best Christmas! This post is so popular but I always love to look back on what I got each Christmas as a little memory for each year. Obviously presents definitely aren’t the most important thing about Christmas and I’m no way trying to brag in this post either. I love seeing what other people received and therefore wanted to do my own version of this post!

This year, I got a LOT of presents (again, not trying to brag, just don’t know how else to put it!) so I’m not going to show them all or you’d be reading this forever. I’m also not going to state who they’re from as 1- that would also take forever and 2- some of them I can’t remember (oops).

Photocrafty Photography Book:


Morphe 3502 Palette:


Moschino Gift Set:

DSC_0793.JPGBare Minerals Foundation:

DSC_0794.JPGHuda Beauty Mauve Palette:

DSC_0795.JPGAnxiety And Panic Free Book:

DSC_0796.JPGBeauty And The Beast Slipper Socks:

DSC_0797.JPGNo7 Rose Gold Light-Up Mirror:

DSC_0798.JPGAmber Rose Lashes & Collection Concealer:


Bondi Sands Fake Tan & Rose Gold Hair Brush:

IMG_0693.JPGPink Happiness Planner:

IMG_0694.JPGLush Gift Set:


Unicorn Mood Light:


Silver Heart Pandora Ring:

IMG_0698.JPGCalvin Klein Perfume:

IMG_0699.JPGToni & Guy Hair-Care Set:

IMG_0700.JPGUnicorn Onesie:

IMG_0701.JPGPink Coat:

IMG_0702.JPGLight Box:

IMG_0703.JPGElectric Facial Cleanser & Lip balms:

IMG_0704.JPGL’Occitane Hand Creams:

IMG_0705.JPGSoft box:

IMG_0707.JPGI also received some other gifts such as: pyjamas, clothes, tripod, photo backgrounds, chocolates and money but I wanted to keep this post quite short!

I am so so grateful for every single present I received and definitely did not expect any of them!

I’d love to know what your favourite present was that you got this Christmas so leave it in the comments below! 🙂

Thanks for reading.

Amy x






What I Got For My 18th Birthday

I CANNOT believe I’m now 18, now an adult, now officially not ready for it. However it was my birthday on Friday 15th December and I got some amazing presents from some amazing people and now I’m going to share them with you (well not literally but I wish I could)!

*First of all I just want to say I’m not bragging and I definitely did not expect to get as many gifts as I did!* Also, thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday and sorry for the bad quality photos they were taken on my phone and I haven’t had time to edit them!

I’m going to start off with the presents my Dad got me as these were the first I received. The first thing he got me was a Thorntons’ gift set which included a bottle of Prosecco and some of their fudge chocolates (can you get any better?!).


Then for my main present, he got me a Swarovski watch which is SO sparkly which of course made me SO happy! I really did not expect this and I will definitely be wearing it a lot! He also gave me some money which he definitely didn’t need to do.


My Mum also got me a watch but from a different brand- Michael Kors. It’s rose gold and silver and the face has sparkly detailing which I’m in love with!


I also received the ‘Ma Vie’ perfume from Hugo Boss which came in such a stunning pink box!


She also got me some money too, which again was definitely a bonus but definitely not necessary!

Next, my little sister got me a necklace from Warren James. It’s different colours depending on what angle you’re looking at it from which just makes it even more pretty in my opinion! She also bought me an 18 key-ring which was a cute little extra gift.

IMG_0595.JPGMoving onto my Nana, she got me quite a few presents so I’m just going to show you my favourite ones! First of all, she got me a huge bottle of Babycham that came in such a pretty blue sequin case!


My next present from her was the Bare Minerals advent calendar which is DEFINITELY worth the money as the products I received inside were no less than amazing.


My favourite present that she got me is this Black dimante 18 glass which of course was needed in order for me to celebrate!

IMG_0600.JPGMy last present from her was a cadbury’s hamper which she gets me every year. It’s full of all my favourite chocolates:

IMG_0601.JPGMy Boyfriend then got me some presents too, the first being a Mac lipstick in the shade ‘Velvet Teddy’ aka my favourite!

IMG_0602.JPGHe then got me two Make Up Geek eyeshadows in the shades ‘bitten’ and ‘cinderella’ which are two of my go-to shades:

IMG_0603.JPGThe next present was so cute and thoughtful-  it’s a note in a bottle (there’s a birthday poem on the note) and it even includes a little rose, heart and 18 charm on it too which definitely makes it one of my favourite gifts!

IMG_0604.JPGJosh also got me a Lumee phone case and his family got me some pyjamas too! I then received money from the rest of my family which I’m also so grateful for.

Thank you for reading!

Amy x




McDonalds’ Christmas Menu Review!

I am so so so happy to finally be writing a post on my favourite fast-food restaurant. McDonalds has always been on the top of my list of where to eat when I’m out or just decide to treat myself. Sadly, I’m not going to be talking about their chicken nuggets in this post- so I’m just going to leave this here- THEY ARE AMAZING!

So, my first and by far FAVOURITE item on their Christmas menu this year is the cheese melt dippers. Now, first of all, cheese is my favourite food ever so this really isn’t a surprise. However, Mcdonalds do a variety of cheese snacks throughout the year but for some reason, these ones definitely taste the best.


The next item I tried was the Christmas Chicken Warmer (I am DEFINITELY more of a chicken lover than beef). This caught my eye straight away as 1- it includes cheese, 2- the snowflake detailing on the top of the burger bun is so cute and 3- well, it was food and I was hungry. I LOVED the combination of the cheese, chicken salad- the red pepper sauce made it a little hot but it was still enjoyable.


The last thing I tested out from the festive range was their Spiced Cookie Latte. As you can imagine, I had VERY high hopes for this and you’ll be pleased to know my expectations were met! I loved how sweet yet not too sweet the taste of this was, it was definitely Christmas in a cup!


Overall, the items I tried were all amazing and I would 100% recommend you to try them whilst you still can!

Thanks for reading

Amy x

Blogmas Day Five: My Christmas Traditions

Welcome back to my Blog! Today I’m going to be talking about my Christmas traditions and summarising what me and my family get up to every Christmas!

Let’s start with Christmas Eve. Each year we have a ‘buffet’ style evening which includes lots of party-type food and drinks. We also usually have a Christmas film on in the background (which of course I choose). Me and my sister always have matching Christmas Eve pyjamas which is a cute little tradition we have thanks to my Mum! As well as this, I always give my sister her present from me on the 24th December just to make her even more excited for the following day and she always loves this.

On the best day of the year (being the 25th December) we all wake up at 6am and head downstairs. My Mum then takes AGES to finally make a cuppa and get her camera out ready to take the most embarrassing photos of us you will ever see..

Me and my sister take it in turns to each open our presents one by one and this usually lasts around an hour (PS I am so grateful for all of the presents I receive!). We then give my Mum and Nana their presents then have some breakfast ready for the long day ahead.

At around 10am my Dad picks me and my sister up to go to his house to open more presents there. Sometimes we go to my cousins house too, which is nice as I don’t get to see that side of my family much!

Once I’m back home, we spend the afternoon looking at our presents and catching up with each other whilst we wait for the best part about Christmas- Christmas Dinner!

Whilst having dinner we always pull Christmas crackers- even if the contents are absolutely not worth the money. We then carry on the night by having some drinks with Christmas songs playing and we usually get the board games out too.

By this time, we’re all absolutely shattered and decide to chill and watch a film for a bit before we all head off to bed!

I’d love to know your Christmas traditions/routine, so be sure to comment below!

Amy x

Blogmas Day Four: My Favourite Christmas Songs


Hi everyone! Whilst I was coming up with my list of Blogmas posts, this one was a MUST HAVE! One of my favourite things about Christmas time is the Christmas songs-so why not make a post on my favourite ones?!

Similarly to my film favourites, I cannot put these into order of favourites as it’d simply be too difficult! However, here are the ones that I listen to the most every single year without fail:

‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ – Mariah Carey

‘Mistletoe’ – Justin Bieber

‘Santa Tell Me’ – Ariana Grande

‘Last Christmas’ – Wham!

‘Fairytale Of New York’ – The Pogues

‘I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday’ – Wizzard

‘It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas’ – Michael Buble

‘Let It Snow’ – Dean Martin

‘Driving Home For Christmas’ – Chris Rea

I listen to so many more but it would be impossible to list them all!

Comment your favourite Christmas song below, I’d love to know!

Amy x